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Project Achievements 2018




100% of local authority offices in target areas have disclosed information about public service fees and district annual financial reports

Referring to the project: Promoting good governance by increasing access to information and strengthening the independent media; from 2015 to 2018

Joint implementation with DCA and VOD/CCIM


API reached its objectives on increasing the access to and the use of public information. Thus, 93% of citizens surveyed reported to understand the right to access to information and why it is important, along with changed attitudes, practices and institutional changes of service provider/duty bearers at local level in target communes and districts. Furthermore, also 100% of local authority offices finally took actions to raise public awareness about local policies and legislations.



The 38 Articles of the Cambodian Access to information draft law are submitted to the Council of Ministers for the inter-ministries meeting

Referring to the project: Working Towards an Access to Information Law in Cambodia: Bridging the Government and Citizens for Participatory Law-making 2014-2018; from 2015-2018

Funded by SIDA through UNESCO


The draft A2I law with 38 articles in 9 chapters was developed by The A2ITWG co-facilitated by the Ministry of Information and UNESCO and acknowledged the concerns and comments/inputs of CSOs and UN agencies. Currently it’s already submitted to the Council of Ministers for inter-ministries meeting in order to strengthen the capacity of Cambodian journalists and media professionals to provide independent, free, and unbiased investigative reports, and to exercise their rights to information on behalf of the citizens.



The number of CBOs attending meetings with the local authorities increased from 8% (2016) to 88% (2018)

Referring to the project: Implementation Social Accountability Framework (I-SAF) Project in Kampot province; from 2016-2018

Supported by EU through CARE


Due to a behavior change of the local community, more citizens are now actively participating in the development process, demanding local authorities to improve public services and disclosure information, e.g. better garbage management and littering, despite facing negative political challenges in last few years. Particularly, the youth and persons with disabilities are more eager in making demands comparing to the elder groups. As a result, local demanding increased from 20% in 2016 to 40% in 2018 and also CBOs are joining the meetings with local authorities in their community more often.



70 CBOs members were trained on the topics of identify issues, proposal writing, advocacy and sharing their challenges within this current context

Referring to the project: Promoting Rights, Voices, Choices & Decisions for Citizens (Pro-Citizens) Project, from 2016 -2019

Funded by DCA and Bread for the World 


Transparency and accountability within Cambodia’s sub-national Government to improve their roles and functions have been strengthened as the result of 17 budget forums, 14 district multi-stakeholder meetings and 9 peer learning session with 86 local CBOs.

Although, the changed political context since 2017 negatively affected training impacts of for those holding office. Since API's training participants were from all political parties elected councillors. But all trained councillors from opposition party were terminated after dissolution of CNRP and some trained councillors from controlling party (CPP) were retired or changed.


For more information, please see: http://apiinstitute.org/images/AnnualReport2018.pdf