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Today: Jun 05, 2020





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API and partners kick-started inclusion projects in Phnom Penh & Takeo


The project “People with Disabilities’ Voices and Action in ISAF” is jointly implemented by the Advocacy and Policy Institute (API), Cambodian Agency Development of Disability and the Poor (CADDP) and Epic Arts from February 2019 until December 2020 with the support of THE VOICE. The project focuses on amplifying voices of People with Disabilities for enhanced access to more equitable, quality public services in target districts.

The project “Citizens’ Voices and Actions in Social Accountability” will be implemented from February to December 2019 and aims for improved performance of public service providers in the capital city of Phnom Penh based on improved transparency, citizen engagement, especially of youth and members of disadvantaged groups of all genders, and responsive action. The project is implemented with the support of Oxfam.  

The workshop highlighted the synergies of both projects: They will empower the ‘demand-side’ of citizens, especially youth, women and disadvantaged groups, to promote social accountability by highlighting areas for improvement of public service delivery in health, education, commune services and beyond. A series of activities of these projects will be implemented in Takeo province’s Tramkak district - including 7 communes: Leay Bour, Kus, Tramkak, Cheang Tong, Nhaeng Nhang, Samraong and Ta Phem.



Mr. Lam Socheat, API’s Director: “I-SAF’s phase 1 has produced good results, but I-SAF’s phase 2 needs more participation and further improving. Dance performances will be used as one methodology to empower people with disability to voice their concerns and needs.”

Mrs. Sok Chanchhorvy, Oxfam’s Representative, noticed: “Inclusiveness is used everywhere in the world, including everyone in the development process: no one should be left behind. Oxfam and API focus on the most disadvantaged people such as people with disabilities, old people and LGBT in promoting social justice.”





Mr. Chet Kimchong, NCDD Representative, expressed: “Implementing social accountability is the strategy to promote access to information of basic services which is facilitation of access to services, citizens’ participation, and also documentation of experiences to strengthen the implementation of the work.”

Ms. Yim Mary, a representative of persons with disability, built her own confidence and self-esteem to overcome the barriers that prevented her from access to education and studying sign language. Therefore, she joined the performance team of Epic Arts.


The official project launch was attended by 86 participants from target local authorities, UN agencies, development partners, NCDD secretariat, beneficiaries and CSOs.