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API honored by CARE Partnership Award 2018


On behalf of API, its Board of Directors and staff, target groups and beneficiaries in Cambodia who API has worked with in their attempts to overcome poverty and claim their rights, API’s Director Socheat Lam received the Award in the official ceremony. API is proud of being one of the outstanding partners of CARE, and of our partnership in the Implementation of the Social Accountability Framework project in 2016 to 2018. This project on enhancing democracy and improving local public services has been very successful under the leadership of CARE International in Cambodia. In the course of this project implementation we have seen encouraging dialogue between citizens and local government officials about the quality of government services, despite the shrinking space for civil society.

API is proud to have received this Award from CARE Deutschland. API and CARE share a common vision. Also API puts women and youth at the centre of our work, because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until women and youth have equal rights and opportunities. API's vision is for a Cambodia that through poverty reduction and the protection of human rights, creates a national culture of harmony with sustainable democratic, political, and economic stability. Our mission is to serve the long term democratic and social development needs of its people through the empowerment of people to interact with their government and to protect their rights and provide for their needs. 

This Award is a special encouragement and motivation to all of us at API to work even harder to end poverty and protect human rights. The CARE Partnership Award will be used to support our mission; in particular API's next five years goal in fulfilling the rights of Cambodian citizens and enhancing their voices in order to achieve sustainable development in Cambodia; and to maintain our role as one of the leading Cambodian capacity building organisations in the areas of advocacy, policy influencing, citizen engagement and good governance.