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The Advocacy and Policy institute has for many years worked with a large variety of partners and NGO networks to deliver its meaningful work. These networks include:


The NGO Access to Information Working Group. API is leading and coordinating the Access to Information Working Group which consists of 19 organisations in total. The main purpose of the group is to coordinate a campaign that will foster a culture of maximum information disclosure and encourage the Royal Government of Cambodia (RCG) and the National Assembly to adopt a Freedom of Information (FOI) Law which reaches an international standard.


The Access Initiative (TAI) Cambodia Coalition. API leads and facilitates The Access Initiative (TAI) Cambodia Coalition which consists of four organisations to produce an assessment report on environmental issues in Cambodia. The Access Initiative (TAI) is a global network, a coalition of civil society organisations promoting good environmental governance by developing indicators to access national performance on its implementation of principle 10 of the Rio declaration. It focuses on access to information, public participation and access to justice. API together with CLEC; the Culture and Environment Preservation Association (CEPA); the Centre of Development Oriented Research in Agriculture and Livelihood Systems (CENTDOR) and other researchers produced an assessment report on environmental issues in Cambodia. A total of 18 case studies were prepared by 24 researchers from the TAI Cambodia research team from five participating organisations. Government institutions, environmental organisations and other interested parties were consulted on the draft report and their input was reflected in the final report. A high quality Cambodia Assessment Report on Access to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice was produced and submitted to the Thailand Environment Institute and Global TAI group.


Civil Society Lobby Group. API leads and supports the Civil Society Lobby Group which lobbies issues with the Cambodian Parliament. Their aim is to make grassroots voices heard on issues related to them and to ensure the relationship between civil society and the parliament is strengthened. Currently the group has six members from different organisations.


The Working Group for Partnership in Decentralisation (WGPD.) WGPD is a network of community based organisations (CSOs) that meaningfully participate in sub-national democratic development and contribute to the policies and practices of the RGC. They provide a platform for CSOs to learn, share and build collective voices to become advocates for active and meaningful participation in the decentralisation and de-concentration reform process.


Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency (CRRT). API is a core member of this group and plays a key role in developing member skills on advocacy and access to information in environmental issues.


The Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA).  API is a member of CISA which is a leading anti-corruption coalition of more than 40 NGOs. CISA's mission is to work together to prevent and eliminate all forms of corruption in Cambodia through strengthening capacity, raising awareness and engaging in advocacy to ensure effective implementation of related laws.


National Advocacy Conferences Organising Committee. API has worked as a core member of the National Advocacy Conferences Organising Committee since its inception in 2006. API took part in the 5th annual advocacy conference "Working together for good governance of natural resources" (land, forestry, fishery, mining, hydro-power dam, housing and indigenous rights) along with ADHOC, CHRAC, CJR, COHRE, DPA, GAD/C, HFTF, LWF, NGO forum on Cambodia, PACT, Star Kampuchea, VSO, Vigilance and WVC. The three annual conferences focused on core issues related to good governance of natural resources and advocacy and were attended by 751 Cambodian advocates and representatives from NGOs, donors, the RGC and the media from more than 400 communities.


Disability and Human Rights Network. API is a participant in the Disability and Human Rights Network led by the Cambodian Disabled peoples Organisation (CDPO). This group represents the voices of people with disabilities in Cambodia and promotes the interest of persons with disabilities so that they can fully and equitably participate in society.


International Lobby Works. API is a steering committee member of the International Lobby works which consists of the Consultancy of Development (CODE) in Vietnam, Entree in the Netherlands, Indraprastha Public Affairs Centre (IPA) in India and Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) in the Philippines.