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Expertise and Operational Capacity

The Advocacy and Policy Institute (API) works towards building capacity for Cambodian advocates with regard to advocacy skills and policy development.  API is one of the leading advocacy capacity building institutions in Cambodia and has received widespread positive feedback from both Cambodian and international organizations for its reliability, relevance and professionalism. Over the last eight years of operations, from 2003-2010, API has helped institutionalize advocacy skills and strategies into both partner and non-partner organizations by conducting 86 advocacy training courses for 1,078 participants civil society organizations, community-based organizations, Commune Councils, international organizatons, media, trade unions, Government’s institutions and the Cambodian Parliament.


Since it's establishment in 2003, API has produced a range of advocacy publications in both Khmer and English that provide advocates and lobbyist with a better understanding of advocacy concepts and guidance on how to conduct successful advocacy campaigns, particularly for the API advocacy training based materials. These publications include an advocacy handbook; an assessment report of advocacy in Cambodia; six handbooks that form part of an advocacy expert series; a parliamentarian handbook; a handbook on grassroots advocacy; advocacy and gender discrimination; understanding the roles and responsibilities of Commune Councils and Citizen’s Rights; understanding of access to information, Access to Information module and a training module on grassroots advocacy and documented 106 case studies.


API has also facilitated a number of civil society forums on Cambodian advocacy and policy initiatives that have provided a space for Cambodian advocates to exchange ideas and experiences, increase their knowledge, and establish contacts. Furthermore, API has also advocated for access to information policy development in Cambodia, which possesses the advocacy practical experience to contribute to the advocacy training effectively.