The Organisation’s Vision, Mission, Goal

The Vision
The Advocacy and Policy Institute’s vision is for a Cambodian nation that through poverty reduction and the protection of human rights creates a national culture of harmony with sustainable democratic, political, and economic stability.


The Mission
The organisation’s mission is to serve the long term democratic and social development needs of Cambodia through the empowerment of people to interact with their government to protect their rights and provide for their needs.

API is committed to working together with all national and international institutions who share its values to advocate for positive and peaceful social change. API also seeks to encourage coordination among governments, citizens and the private sector.


The Goal
The organisation's goal is to increase Cambodia’s democratic space by creating more effective advocates and responsive government institutions.


The Values

  1. All Cambodians have the right to participate, mobilise and express themselves in matters that affect their daily lives.
  2. All matters should be resolved peacefully and justly according to the principles of our shared humanity.
  3. Building capacity, particularly at the community level, is the most sustainable way of building a brighter future for all Cambodians.
  4. Engaging with all social sectors ensures that when solutions are reached, they are of greatest benefit to the community.
  5. Being transparent, accountable, independent, and non-partisan helps build an organisation that has the respect and confidence of both the
    Cambodian people and its international supporters.