Programme Plans

Since 2008, API has committed to work on three key programmes:


  1. The Grassroots Democracy Programme. The overall objective was to promote democratic participation and human rights at the grassroots level by educating and supporting community based organisations, local government (Commune Councils) and local NGOs to become more effective at advocating their communities’ needs.
  2. The Freedom of Information Programme. The overall objective was to increase public access to public institutions, information and the legislative process through a coordinated campaign that will create a culture of maximum information disclosure and encourage the Royal Government of Cambodia and the National Assembly to adopt a Freedom of Information Law to an international standard.
  3. The Advocacy Capacity Building Programme. The overall objective was to increase the number of Cambodian civil society organisations proficient in the design, management, implementation and evaluation of lobby and advocacy campaigns and initiatives. It also strengthened civil society to actively engage with the National Assembly.