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The Organisation's Management and Leadership Structure

The management structure of the Advocacy and Policy Institute will remain unchanged for the next three years.


1. The Board of Directors


BoD bears responsibility for the lawful existence of API and ensures the accountability of the organisation. The Board is responsible for all the main decision making of API and is responsible for monitoring the operational body/level as described in API’s Bylaw, Article 12. The Board is also responsible, by working together with the API Director, for fundraising for API’s operations and for providing guidance and direction for the organisation to ensure its success.


2. The members of staff.


The Director is responsible for the whole organisation, delegating specific functions and tasks at his discretion. The Director of API is responsibility for the whole organisation, external relations, fundraising and is accountable to the Board and donors and delegating specific functions and tasks at his discretion.

The Deputy Director assists the Director and is responsible for leading and supporting the Programme Managers to carry out the day to day planning and implementation of programme activities, API reports, monitoring and evaluation and income generating training services.

The Programme Managers oversee his/her programmes. The Programme Managers work together with Programme Officers and are responsible for; the daily management and operation of Programmes; planning, coordinating and implementing the Programmes; cooperating with local government and organisations; producing monthly and quarterly work plans; overseeing the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of API Programmes and utilizing other staff and resources  as needed.


3. Organisational capacity building and support

Arcadia Associates Inc., USA
API receives in kind services of a US-based organisation, Arcadia Associates Inc, that has provided valuable technical assistance, particularly with regard to API's organisational development. Arcadia Associates Inc. will continue to provide its services to ensure API will have:


  • Capacity building strategies for its staff and Board of Directors.
  • Accountable and transparent operational and financial policies and practices.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for the Board of Directors.
  • An effectively functioning Board of Directors able to support the API Director.

VSO Programme Advisor. API continues to receive technical assistance from VSO’s volunteer replacement. However, a former VSO’s advisor, Lin Collis, will continue to provide in-kind services to API as needed.